Sexy Ways to Keep Your Partner Warm This Winter

keep your partner warm with winter
It’s January, it’s cold and it’s not warming up anytime soon. The good that comes from these freezing temps is the ability to stay indoors, nestle up by the fire and figure out the best way to keep you and your partner warm.
To help you out, we’ve put together a list of pleasurable items that are guaranteed to keep you and your partner warm this winter. Enjoy!

strip-or-teaseStrip or Tease
Though it may sound counterintuitive, taking your clothes of can actually be a great way to heat things up! Learn how to undress with finesse by playing the erotically charged game, Strip or Tease – it’s the most fun you’ll have taking your clothes off.


Afterglow candleAfterglow Dark Vanilla Massage Oil Candle
The Afterglow Oil candle has an enjoyable scent, and it creates warm oil when lit. This oil can be drizzled on the skin, creating the perfect start to an unforgettable massage, or a kinky lovemaking session. This candle can also be found in our Ultimate Valentine’s Day gift set.


naughty bubbles bubble bathNaughty Bubbles Bubble Bath
After your striptease and hot wax session, you’re going to need to rinse off. Naughty Bubbles is deeply sexy, tuberose-scented liquid sin. It’s specially formulated to lather you in naughtiness, and it makes the perfect addition to a steaming hot bath!


Pulsabath vibrating massage spongePulsabath Vibrating Bath Sponge
While in the bath with your partner, why not play with a few toys? The Pulsabath has a porous, spongy texture that absorbs soap or lotion, allowing it to glide softly on the skin. This sponge is completely waterproof, so use it freely in the bath, shower, or hot tub. Its single-speed vibrating massage action will invigorate and relax tired muscles. And who knows – the vibrations may even spark Round 2 ;)


waterproof mini vibratorWaterproof Mini Massager
Not a bath person? No sweat – this is the perfect toy for you. This waterproof, mini vibrator comes with 4 interchangeable heads. It’s the perfect way to make cleaning up dirty!


So there you have it! We hope these items will help you and your significant other stay nice and warm when it’s nasty and cold outside!

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