Stays HARDER Longer!

When one of the top lubricant companies in the world teams up with Extenze, the result exceeds all expectations! WET introduces Extenze lube, a premium lubricant with a fresh scent that enhances sexual experience with a cool tingling sensation! In two latex compatible versions, Extenze lube is formulated to supplement natural moisture and enhance intimacy.

Pick up a bottle of Extenze lube and you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. In platinum silicone and a water based formula, Extenze contains peppermint extracts and menthol to cause a tingling sensation. When applied to areas of the body that are high in nerve endings, the stimulating ingredients go to work! Creating a cooling feeling, Extenze is a lubricating stimulator that’s most affective on the clitoral and frenulum areas. Pair that with the long lasting lubricant action of WET and you’re certain to be in for a night to remember!

Want to maximize your potential? (Extend your play time :P) Try using the Extenze lube with your favorite Extenze products! From the daily supplement pill form to the quick release single shot drink, Extenze has been bringing out the very best in men!

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